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I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to share the results of our work together.

All testimonials are absolutely authentic and unedited.

* However, the unfoldment of healing for every person is as unique, as each of you, and the results vary from person to person.

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I have been a client of Brian’s for a little over a year now. I was originally diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer that spread to my liver.  I previously had surgery before coming to Brian (double mastectomy/reconstruction), but I refused chemo and radiation. I am also a Registered Nurse, so I know what chemo and radiation do to the body, and I just didn’t want to go that route. When I came to Brian I was given a terminal diagnoses (which was 9 months ago!), but I refused to accept that. I made some serious changes to my life at the same time

I contacted Brian, I became vegan, started working out more, gave up caffeine and alcohol, and addressed any underlying emotional issues I had. I think that’s important to mention, as you need to hold yourself accountable for your own health and why you’re in the position you’re in. I never expected Brian to “heal me” while I continued to drink wine every night, and work at my very high stress job.

You really have to make every single change you can personally make that will benefit your health, otherwise anything Brian does will be wrecked by your bad habits (that’s how I see it, anyway) and it will be a huge waste of time for everyone involved. If you’re going to continue to smoke cigarettes, for example, you can’t expect to get better from your condition. Not saying these changes are easy (because I love wine, personally!) but I had to decide if I wanted to live, or if I wanted to continue to do things for me that werent in line with recovering 100%.

My body was obviously out of whack when I first spoke to Brian, and I was truly dying. My vibrational frequency was 23Mhz – normal is 72Mhz. You’re receptive to cancer at 42Mhz, and death starts at 25…so at 23Mhz,  I was in pretty bad shape!!!

I’m happy to report today that not only am I surviving, I am thriving!!! I originally had cancer in my lymph nodes – my esophagus, spleen, stomach and left aorta, and I just had a CT scan three days ago, and the lymph nodes are no longer visible! They were huge before on the scan, and now they don’t even show up!  My tumor markers are totally normal, and I’ve had a miraculous turn-around. I’m back at work and living a normal life. I couldn’t recommend Brian more.

-PC,  Ohio



* To Those Considering Working w/ Brian Morse,

I would like to share my experiences with Brian with you in hopes that they may prove helpful in making your decision.

I am a 58 year old woman who, 7 years ago, moved in next door to my mother to help her out as my father had died and she was getting older, had health issues she needed help with, needed company, etc. Unfortunately, this entailed moving from a part of the country I loved to a place I used to hate and had only in more recent years begun to feel fairly neutral about. (Yes, it’s where I grew up.) I began to feel very poorly during the last year. I had various symptoms though nothing that seemed to add up to anything. One of my biggest concerns was my extreme sleep deprivation (due to many factors, including insomnia and anxiety) which caused me to feel extremely fatigued every day.

For the first time in my life, I began to fall asleep while sitting on the couch after dinner – quite uncontrollably. I mean, I wasn’t even aware I was falling asleep; I’d just wake up after who knows how long and realize I’d fallen asleep. Now I’d fallen asleep in this situation before but I’d always been aware that my eyes were starting to close, that I was nodding off and I’d either allow it or get up and go to bed. And that was something that had only been happening for a couple of years and I wasn’t too happy about it but I did feel I was in control. So this new occurrence of sudden unconsciousness without any control on my part was greatly alarming to me. I’d also been quite depressed for some time as there were certain difficulties in my life that I saw no way out of and I saw no path to the attainment of what I wanted in my life.

Perhaps because I’d had a few supremely challenging health issues in the past which had knocked me out for several years, I felt sure I was headed towards another one. I can only say that I felt the presence of impending catastrophe in my life if I didn’t get some help soon. It was my own fault. I’d allowed the stresses in my life situation to go on for too long without enough attention to their dissipation and was beginning to pay the price through decreasing stamina and energy and an overall malaise in attitude that was quite crippling.
I don’t like to use regular doctors because I’ve not had much success with them, preferring alternative practitioners instead. With standard doctors, I usually just got tests that were inconclusive and they had no idea of what treatment to give me. They would give me pills or say to “Wait and see” if things changed in any way, meaning wait until things got bad enough that they could tell what was going on. But I wanted to stop things from getting worse so their approach did not work for me. On the other hand, the problem with alternative practitioners is that you have to get the right one. Someone who does the kind of thing that you need AND someone who is good at it and that takes searching and referrals and it can sometimes seem quite daunting to find the right person. I expressed my concerns to my partner and he got busy on the computer looking for resources to help me. He found a number of healers and after researching them, decided that Brian was the best, so he gave me his number.

I called him right away and he called me back the same day. One of my complaints was an ongoing pain around my left ovary. I’d had a problem in that area in the past so was extra concerned. During the initial consultation, Brian relieved the pain so much that during the next few days it went from constant and a pain level of 4 or 5 to intermittent and a pain level of about 1, maybe 2. And then, as we continued to work together, it went to a rare occurrence and now, I have not had it in months. I was convinced that Brian knew what he was doing.
Fast forward about 4 months and the completion of the complete healing protocol, during which Brian cleared all of my bodily systems, bringing them back to zero, square one, and releasing all blocked energy, old programming and negative family upbringing. I no longer fall asleep AT ALL in the evenings (except of course when I go to bed) and I have so much energy, it feels like the same amount I had in my 20’s. I not only feel energized all the time but I feel more optimistic and I have begun to make significant changes in my day to day life that give me hope again that I can create my life to be what I want it to be.

I don’t know if I can explain it adequately, but I truly feel like I’m back to ground zero, my starting point, in terms of optimal health and now I also understand that it is up to me to make sure it continues by giving my body and soul the care and support they need. Brian has given me a second chance and I am exceedingly grateful to him and to me and whatever propels me forward in this life for allowing us to dance together in my healing journey. I just feel like a whole new person. Also, during the treatments, I had a bad fall down the stairs and injured my back. Brian worked on that area particularly in the next session and greatly relieved the pain and difficulty in moving and adjusted my spinal alignment, all which minimized the effects of the fall.

Another example I’d like to share with you is how Brian worked on my mother’s dog to relieve his suffering. This dog is a very large breed, is getting older and had begun having serious health issues rather suddenly. At that time, he became lethargic, lost his appetite and his abdomen seemed swollen. We found out after doing extensive bloodwork and getting an exam at the vet, that his thyroid wasn’t working properly and the vet put him on thyroid medication. After researching, I learned that thyroid production naturally decreases in response to stress – when the stress response hormone, cortisol, is secreted, thyroid is decreased so that the cortisol will work better to combat stress. So we still don’t know what the stress was for the dog that triggered the reduction in thyroid hormone but the thyroid med’s were working for him. However, he also was very painful in one of his back legs, so that he limped all the time (perhaps from an old injury being triggered again) and yelped when getting up or down or didn’t try to move at all, which was very unlike him. The vet gave him pain pills for 2 weeks, said to let him come off of them and see if his pain came back, stayed away or got worse. He was reluctant to have him take the pain med’s all the time as they are very hard on the liver and kidneys. I tried to get my mom to give Brian a try for her dog but she said she’d try the vet and if he couldn’t help him, she’d give Brian a try.

During the 2 weeks of pain med’s, the dog really improved. He began to move more easily and exhibited fewer symptoms of pain. Though he was still limping, it was a lot less. However, when we stopped the pain med’s after 2 weeks, the dog was in a lot of pain again, lethargic and unwilling to move around much, loss of appetite, etc. At first, we called the vet to let him know and ask about refilling the prescription but his assistant was hesitant because of the hardship to the liver and kidneys and went to confer with him if it was okay to refill. She came back and said they would refill it but that he would have to have bloodwork to monitor his kidney and liver function once a month. Well, the bloodwork cost around $200 every time it was done, plus the price of the med’s AND with no guarantee that it would really work and a fair certainty that it would contribute to the animal’s decline in health for his liver and kidneys.

After considering all of this, I asked my mom if she would let Brian work on him. She consented and Brian put in a good amount of time working on her dog. He told us that there were problems in both hips, as well as one of the back “knees” (the one he’d been limping on), a problem with one of his shoulders and his spine in general. Brian aligned his spine and hips, worked on his shoulder and knee and some other general body systems work that the dog needed. He called me when he was done to see how the dog was doing. He was lying in the back yard at the time so I went near to him and called him to get up, making him walk around a little. I saw absolutely no sign of his limp and have not seen it since (it’s been a couple of months now). Over the next few days, the dog’s energy increased, he got his appetite and his happy attitude towards life back and though he is slowing down due to age (he’s about 10 years old and a mixed breed that the vet says should live 10 to 12 years), I can honestly say he has a much higher quality of life as a result of Brian’s work on him.

I called the vet and explained that we wouldn’t be needing the pain med’s (though we continue to give him the thyroid med’s). One other thing that happened is he began to favor his front left leg, not exactly a limp, like he was avoiding using it, but more like it was stiff or something going through the motion of walking. A sort of ka-chunk every step cycle his shoulder rolled through. This was the shoulder Brian saw as having problems so the only thing I could figure is that, having had some problem released, he was getting adjusted to using the full joint again after perhaps using only part of it. This odd gait continued for several weeks and eventually went away. Now he has an even gait on all legs.

Well, I hope this information allows you to make the decision that is correct for you at this time. I know for myself, working with Brian was one of the best decisions I ever made. And when considering the cost, I can only say, it is cheap, cheap, cheap! Though it was not easy for me to pay it, I knew it would be far costlier for me in the long run not to pay it. Not just in terms of money, but in terms of time, health and my life in general. I am so very glad that Brian was able to work with me, to help me recover my life and my strength of attitude. Thank you, Brian! And I wish all who are reading this a speedy solution to your health/life concerns. My best to you all.

With love, Anna S.



* I contacted eHealingSolutions in the latter half of 2015 when I was very ill with respiratory distress. The critical care pulmonologist who was treating me said my pulmonary function tests came back abnormal and he was setting up a CAT scan on my lungs.I had been being treated by another physician for a rare autoimmune skin disorder for over a year and the treatment consisted of methotrexate injections (methotrexate is a form of chemotherapy).What frightened me is the pulmonologist said the CAT scan was being performed to test for pulmonary fibrosis versus methotrexate induced pulmonary toxicity. I was very scared at this point and so sick and tired of being sick and tired.
This is when in desperation I contacted eHealing solutions and Brian introduced himself over the phone. Immediately he made me feel very calm. Brian performed a healing session on my lungs and it was the first time in 4 weeks I could breathe much better. He also told me my CAT scan would come back normal. I had the CAT scan and the results were normal just like he said. My lungs improved just like that. Right then I knew I had done the right thing contacting Brian and had 100% faith in him. He is truly phenomenal and highly gifted.
I also had abnormal thyroid tests for over a year and a half. After working with Brian my results finally came back normal. My doctor was amazed. I’ll never forget one session with Brian where I mentioned my hands were always tingling, numb, and red due to Raynaud’s. During our healing session, to my utter amazement, the color in my hands returned to a normal color right before my eyes. Just incredible. The numbness and tingling also went completely away.
During our treatments, I also noticed remarkable improvement with my rare skin disorder. I also suffer from musculoskeletal issues. At the time I was having a lot of neck pain due to degenerative disease. As usual during our healing session the pain totally subsided. Brian also provided me with valuable tools to work with so I could perform my own healing sessions in between our sessions.
Since working with Brian, my total health has improved. Brian is truly gifted, very intuitive healer, and goes above and beyond. He is able to zone in on major health issues going on in your body and works on correcting them during the healing session. He truly cares for his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone suffering health issues. Best choice I’ve ever made regarding my health.

TB in Massachusetts



* I feel so much better. The day of my first session with Brian I didn’t feel much, but the next day I went for a walk at the track and I felt like I was walking on air. I couldn’t believe how effortless it was. As the sessions progressed I felt more relaxed and had more energy. A dream come true. I have been to many healers and new age gurus and nobody did for me what Brian did. He is the real deal. My daughter was having a terrible time with drinking and pills and relationships. She was argumentative and really high stress. She of course was not interested in any of this but Brian said he would work on her remotely without her knowing.

The day of her first 2-hour session was amazing. That morning my wife and Jennifer had a huge argument. It was on thanksgiving. I wasn’t even sure she would come. But she came over just before her session started. I could actually feel her energy calm way down in the first 15 minutes. After that she was much calmer and socializing, it was amazing. She is doing much better now. She works and goes to it school for computers and is doing very well. These are life altering events that I have never experienced in my 68 years. Brian offers a free 20-minute session. If you hate your medication like I did, or you know someone in need you owe it to yourself to check it out. Thank you Brian. You gave me my life back and I am enjoying every minute. God bless you and your wonderful work

Van S.



* Since working with Brian in August of 2014, my total health has transformed. His healing has greatly improved my traumatic brain injury and I am able to live an independent life. My short and long term memory has significantly improved which enables me to analyze and process information better. I communicate more effectively with others and I make better decisions for myself. Migraines headaches and chronic fatigue has decreased. Pains in my arms and legs have improved considerably.
Brian has also taught me a technique on how to heal myself, which has been very helpful.
Brian is a very compassionate, patient, personable and reliable person. I am so grateful to have met him, as now I have hope for my future. I recommend him for anyone who is having difficulty with their health.




* I originally contacted Brian because I had breast cancer and had a mastectomy and wanted every chance to stop it from reoccurring. I got much more than I asked for.

We worked together to get rid of all kinds of physical problems. I had two slipped discs in my back. I had been in great pain for several weeks. He handled that inside of 10 minutes. It’s been two months at least since that time and I have NO back pain.I had problems with my lungs. Felt like barbed wire was in them. Brian had me do an exercise that got rid of the feeling in about 30 seconds.Had constant pain in my butt cheeks when waking up in the morning. It wasn’t just store muscles. There’s all kinds of reasons why they can hurt. He handled that too!

He turned up my energy level. I could hardly sleep I had so much energy. I haven’t been tired since. I had lumps in my remaining breast and had read there was an 85% chance of getting breast cancer due to that. The lumps were gone within a minute!!

I have a mitral valve prolapse. Because of this my heart was constantly skipping beats. He worked on my heart and I very rarely have skipped beats now.Had pain below my surgical scar under my right breast. It’s now gone. I was having pain in my gallbladder. He stopped that as well. He corrected the way I walk which helped my hips and my feet feel good when I walk now.

I had tingling in my hands that are now gone. I’d had a colonoscopy a couple months before talking to Brian. Since that time I had constant pain where a polyp had been removed. The pain is now gone!

Living life without pain and having energy is a wonderful gift. I can work in my garden again and just get things done without having to take “pain breaks”. I feel I have a head start on surviving cancer.

I have a new life now because of your help. Thank you Brian.

Kat G.
Age 62



* Brian is not just a gifted healer, he is a caring friend. I am a nurse and I contacted him when I had a problem with my thyroid. He did not just focus on my thyroid but did a comprehensive and detailed healing on my whole body. My endocrinologist found some nodules on my thyroid that she was not sure about. She asked me to see another doctor to have a biopsy. I was a little apprehensive about the biopsy and told Brian about it. He had a healing session for me and told me that when I go for the biopsy they will not find anything. I had the biopsy the following week and the doctor and his assistant checked and checked in vain. There were no nodules to be found!!! The doctor was rather flustered and told me I was free to go home!

I cannot thank Brian enough for all he has done for me. If you are on the fence about consulting with him do not hesitate to contact him. You will be so glad you did.

Essie E.



* Brian, I just wanted to say thank you!  One day I was sick and I went to see the doctor. He had take a few different blood tests. He had advised that I also get X-rays done for my lungs. I had made an appointment to do them. Meanwhile, he had given me medication. I had called Brian and left a message after to help heal me. I had just cancelled my medical insurance and I didn’t want to have to pay a small fortune to get all these tests done. I didn’t hear a response from Brian, due to him being so busy, so I continued with following through with my appointments and on my way to my X-ray appointment I had received a phone call from Brian. He asked me what was wrong and I explained to him about my medical situation and what the doctors advised me to do. He asked if I had a minute and he could look into my problems.

He told me he didn’t see anything wrong but asked if I wanted him to look into it more. I had was already in the parking lot at the hospital and figured it was already too late and I would just do the X-rays. He said okay and that there was nothing wrong with my lungs but wished me good luck. I had done the X-rays and the doctors saw something but they weren’t sure exactly what was wrong. They had told me to get an MRI done. I then made an appointment to get an MRI done. I went a week later for the MRI. I was so scared that I might have something serious. After the MRI they told me they had found nothing and I was free to go. For three weeks I had gone back and forth from doctors appointments. I had spent so much money for all these procedures and medication just to find out that Brian had been right the whole time! I should of listened to him. I could of saved so much money and time! His gift is amazing.

T.C. From Hawaii



* I just wanted to tell my story to everyone. Since I was young I worked hard. Somehow I feel like I have never benefited from it. Things never went the way I wanted them to. I always felt like I could never catch a break. In 2009, I lost everything with my business and trusted relationships. Meanwhile, I had a surgery done that went wrong. I had to do other surgeries to fix that first mistake. The doctors left me scarred and emotionally broken. I became very sick.

When I went to see the doctors, a many of times, the doctors always told me that I didn’t have any major problems but I knew that I was physically and emotionally sick. I had such physical pain. I was always a very fit and healthy person but I became sick and in pain all the time. I was at a loss in regards of what to do since the doctors told me that there was nothing they found. The doctor only prescribed me anti depressants and sleeping pills. I refused the take the medication because it seemed to make the problems worse, so I sought other methods. I went to many healers and people from different styles of healing to help alleviate some of my symptoms. They told me a spirit was causing my problems that they could relieve it for me but at a fee of $3,000. I had done it along with spending much more here and there but the problems never went away.

My physical pain was so horrible that I spend a fortune because I couldn’t live like that. I also had thoughts about suicide because I had no means to help myself. I had severe insomnia and I couldn’t sleep. One night, in 2012, I was on the computer, just playing around and searching the web, and found ehealing solutions and I read about Brian. There was a feeling of hope and realization that this was the kind of person that can heal me. I put in for a consultation and within two weeks I had received a phone call from Brian. He told me he needed to do an analysis. He then told me about what he knows and what he sees. I was blown away. How could the man know so much about my physical problems when he was so far away? He could see my rib cage was damaged. No one knew about that. I kept thinking, how could he know?

Without question I told him to do what he needed to do. Within four sessions he healed me. He mentioned that I had two spirit attachments and I asked him to remove them for me. Since then I have been free and I have been able to stop my medications, which I have never been able to do. I am a spiritual person and I do believe in miracles. I still can’t believe that as a human that he can have that kind of gift. It is completely amazing. Thank you Brian, you set me free. I am very grateful.

S.C From South Korea



* Dear Brian,

Just thought I’d let you know how happy & grateful & relieved I continue to be over the continuing progress from your work with me & on my brother starting back in August 2012. First you helped me, & it served as a strong turning point for me. I’ve continued to move into higher states of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health & strength & well being and am thrilled with the excellent place I feel I am in today. After your work & all the immediate improvements, everything has seemed to move forward much more easily & smoothly for me.

Then I made a donation & you used it to work on my brother who lives alone in another state but very near my parents. He had been inundated with vicious negative entities for umpteen years & as a consequence was suffering terribly. Once a highly social, well liked guy with drive & humor & charisma, he’d become very slow to move/think/speak, had frequent extreme headaches & stomach aches, could barely ever take his focus off the attacking entities, had to lay down much of the time, & was largely isolated year after year.

Today my brother is a different person than in Aug. 2012. I recently visited my parents & observed that my brother’s improvements are wonderfully evident & significant. He connects with people & activities again & can once more engage his energy & attention in conversations & on people & events around him. I’m rejoicing at what appears to be a return of a sense of aliveness & even happiness that now shows through him again. He still gets by on outside financial support & a very simple life, but he has a new quality of life now plus friends & companions. He even did an amazing thing while I was visiting: he got up early & joined my family & myself in a big full-day excursion & was engaged & enjoying himself the entire time; never even needed to lay down once. This all would’ve been unheard of a couple of years ago.

Thank you so very much Brian. Seeing my brother return to life this much again has meant the world to my parents as well…even though they don’t understand how or why. Thank you.




* Hi Brian-  How are you doing?  Do you remember me?  You were helping me for a while with my breast cancer.  I wanted to let you know that I recently had a PET scan done of my body and there is no longer any cancer!!  I want to thank you for helping thru some very dark days in my life. I honestly never expected to ever go into remission and was shocked to hear the doctor say I was.  I thought you would like to know that the cancer is gone (at least for now) and that I believe you really did help me.  Just want to say thank you!

Sincerely, JoAnne


* Brian,

I wanted to tell you in more detail about what happened with our session, and what prompted me to ask for your help.

Every year I get a blood test, and this year was no different, except my results came back not so good. The most disturbing was a PSA reading (prostate) of 6.5! It jumped from 3.3 last year to 6.5 – this was not good news at all.

Ten days after I had the blood test taken, and one day before my appointment with an urologist, we had our session. You cleared the energy in my prostate. Also you cleared the pain I had been experiencing in my hands.

I saw the urologist the next day. He did his physical exam. He stated to me, somewhat
surprised, that my prostate felt like that of a young man. (which is very good). I
also had my PSA re-tested. It came back at 3.4! Wow.

Needless to say, I find it miraculous that I had such a fast “recovery”!  -:)

Thank you very very much for your help and what you do. I hope other men know you have skills that can help, and very fast, pain-free, and over the phone!

Steve B
in the L.A. area



* I am ecstatic with my experience with Brian. Medical issues that had been plaguing me for over 15 years were resolved in a few sessions with Brian. At the time I called him I was concerned because my lungs had been very congested for over 6 weeks and they were getting worse. Brian cleared my lungs in the introductory phone call to set up the appointment for the free consultation! That alone saved me the costs and dangers of x-rays, the problem of going to a Doctor, etc. I am able to breathe fully and freely in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Separate from the chest congestion, my tongue has been covered with a heavy white coating for years and my doctors would barely take a look. I also had many problems with my digestive system that they could not resolve. Over the years I tried acupuncture treatments, Chinese medicine, special diets, and cleanses, which did not heal my body. Brian cleared my digestive problems, and restored my tongue to a wonder pink color!

In addition, he relaxed my shoulders, which were like solid blocks. In the past, I had spent a lot of money and had to endure painful sessions with the chiropractor with much less results. I highly recommend signing up for Brian’s sessions. Just be willing to get to know your body better (I had pictures of the body organs while Brian talked) and created a new working relationship with my body. I am excited to be alive in a whole new way due to his varied healings on me. Thank you, Brian.

April S.,

San Francisco, California



* Dear Brian,

On May 9, 2011 a life-changing event happened in my life. Two blood vessels burst at the base of my skull on either side of the brain stem. In other words I had a massive stroke. The type of stroke I had is called the Wallenberg syndrome. This type of stroke is rare because it affects both sides of the body and there is only a 13% chance of survival. My prognosis was grim and I was not expected to survive this event. (Most people are not aware that brain cells, once injured or destroyed, do not regenerate themselves. They’re just dead. Your brain needs to create new routes to do what it used to do.)

I’ve had quite the journey since this event.

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* Two months ago, I really needed help.  I had just scheduled surgery to have my uterus removed, but something did not feel right.  Over the previous 4 months, I had been under medical management for advanced fibroid growth with severe symptoms.  The size of my uterus had enlarged to the point where it was putting pressure on my abdominal veins and causing me to swell up from the waist down.  I was also experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, severe constipation, abdominal bloating, and increased abdominal girth with the appearance of a 5-6 month pregnant woman.  I was placed on injectable medication for fibroid treatment, and had been experiencing the side effects of nausea, acne, weight gain, severe hot flashes/night sweats, and mood swings as well.  In all, I felt and looked like a complete mess.  I was desperate to get better, so I made the decision to stop the injections, and have my uterus completely removed.

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* I was at a loss when I found Brian. I had erosions in my stomach, post parotidectomy with an egg sized tumor cut from my head,  suffering for 6 years with head pain, not just a headache, crushing pain with vomiting and passing out.  Even after the surgery they were down to ONLY  once or twice a month but lasting 3 days.  2 surgeries on my back, rods, screws, I could no longer handle Gluten without passing out and couldn’t even lift my right leg without manually grabbing it at the knee.  I was in treatments with a chiropractor who gave me relief for a day or two and taking 3600mg of Vicodin, 30-40 mg of Flexeril, Torodaol, Imitrex,  (none of it killed the pain) acid reducers,  high blood pressure meds,  Trips to the hospital for Shots to kill the headache,  living on ice and heat packs.  My anxiety was through the roof.  The emotional “FAMILY”  sludge I was buried under had me leaving the house less and less.

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* Hi Brian!  just wanted to say thanks for all your help. I wanted to wait a few days to see if I was still processing and detoxing.

The next morning after our last session I awaken at about 3 or 4 A.M. with an excruciating headache and my blood pressure felt like it was off the chart, which frighten me. I was somewhat disorientated and was trying to figure out what to do. Something told me to take some capsicum and a few minutes later the headache was gone and has not returned. The next morning and
throughout the week I was drained of energy. Over the next week I could feel my body getting stronger and the pains in body seem to be dissipating.

Your work is beyond the physical healing. I know that my body is continuing to process and self correct from all of the toxins: chemical, physical, and emotional trauma in this life time. With your help I am able to get back to homeostasis state.

Brian, the work you are doing is amazing. You, unlike Western Medical Doctors who put the fear of [suffering] in a person, have a gentle soul. I can really appreciate the work you are doing.

I know you are the real deal when we have never met and you only knew my first name and age. You were able to tell me specifics about major issues going on in my body and correct most of them at our first session. You were right on spot with your findings. When I met you I was just about to go to the hospital where the Doctors give you drugs or want to do surgery and hope you go away. My gut feeling said no once again been there done that. I was lead by divine intervention to find you. I am truly blessed we met and would recommend your services to everyone.

WC in CA



* Dear Brian

Thank you for all of your assistance. When I came to you I was close to adrenal fatigue which I had experienced previously.

As a medical professional but also experiencing this myself I was fully aware that this is not a recognized diagnoses or there are few healthcare professionals that are able to address this. I was feeling totally shut down and exhausted and was seeking help from various different modalities.

After working with you for a short period of time I noticed a change and reset in my body and normal patterns. I was taking a medication that I was able to completely discontinue after only a few days with no side effects. I also noticed an alteration of my sleep patterns.

I am still experiencing the positive changes from these sessions. I happen to be a physician and recognize that often medical diagnoses occur after the energetic disruption in the body and certain ailments may not be detectable before the disease is fully manifest.

Going through this personal experience I am able to recommend energetic work to my receptive patients. I am grateful for all the dedication and time that you put into this case and it has had a lasting and on-going effect.

D.N., MD, NY



* Brian worked with me and my family.  I had back problems, third degree burns on 35 percent of my body, and a disabling leg and knee injuries.  My back problems are gone now.  My burned skin showed improvement and changed color to now look more like the rest of my normal skin color.  My knee is much better and I am not as affected by the weather now.  My experience with Brian has been wonderful and has opened me to the possibilities of life with less pain.

Jim G.,  Milwaukee, WI



* Brian gets my highest recommendation. I recently arranged for Brian to “work” on my entire family, from health issues, family quarrels, children’s anxiety and much more. Brian worked for several days testing, clearing, aligning and balancing each of us. He communicated with me every step of the way. The results are wonderful. There is more peace in the family, our health is improving, breakthroughs in many personal and work related barriers and more new blessings each day. Brian is a talented healer, he truly has a gift and I am glad I found out about his services.

— Keith, Texas



* I first became acquainted with Brian through my sister-in-law.  She had received several healing sessions with Brian and had excellent results.From the time I was small I preferred to take care of my own illnesses through natural measures rather than through doctors.  I remember about 15 years ago going to a doctor and telling him that I had some kind of eczema on my ear and he was saying that I just had to live with it.  I also asked him about being low on energy.  Again, he told me to just live with it, or start taking walks to get energized.  I could tell that he didn’t know the answers.

Then the doctor suggested that his drug sales rep was there today and that I could try a couple of samples if I would like to!  I was horrified.  No way!  What was he thinking? I know what he was thinking. He was thinking that drugs take care of the problems.  They don’t!I have been taking classes on the miracle of how the body works.  It heals itself! It is much, much smarter than any doctor on the face of the earth and yet we don’t listen to the  body when it tells us what to do!So, when I met with Brian, I was taking an energetic healing formula but wasn’t really feeling the potency of healing that I desired. I was again, feeling lethargic and discouraged that I couldn’t find the answers that I was looking for.

So, Brian went throughout my body [remotely], organ by organ, and all the way through my vertebrae and skeletal structure and found what the problems were.  He addressed the current problems of a painful hip, my left ankle that I sprained not once, but 2 times,  my digestive system which has been acting up for several months now,  my lungs (not breathing deep enough), the vision in my left eye, and I was suffering from TMJ.  He spent as much time as I needed.  He was thorough.  He listened.  I got answers.  He came up with several more things that I was missing that needed to be corrected.  I found out that I was not grounded and now I am.

Also, I AM NOW PAIN FREE!!The second day after my treatment I slept for 12 hours; my body was reintegrating.  I am 60 years old and this was the best physical and healing that I have ever had during my entire life!I feel so much lighter and healthier than I have for a long while.  I was telling Brian that the tricky thing about getting better is that when you don’t notice pain anymore, you forget what the problem was.  I had to go over my list and see just how many things that were corrected through his treatment.


— Carrie B., AZ



* I’ve had back pain for over 18 years which Brian helped relieve. He explained how emotions are connected to the pain area and how dealing with the emotion helps relieve the pain. Brian reset my system that had been off balance due to injury, traumas, surgery, and everyday stress.I also have a 250 year old log cabin that Brian cleared old energies from. I went to the Historical Society and the people who had lived and died in this home in 1905 and 1920 were recorded. Brian had been right about the people who had lived and died there. It’s very interesting work that Brian Morse does.I’m grateful for all he has done for me.”

— M.B,  Milwaukee, WI



* Dear Brian! Thank you so much for taking your time to work with me. Your gift has made a huge difference in my life and sent me on a ‘healing path”. My sessions with you have opened a door that is changing my life in quantum ways forward.Thank you again!

Aloha, Laurie, Honolulu, HI



* Brian worked on our whole family.  We have a son that had emotional outbursts that were very hard to control from time to time.   Brian was able to help balance his emotional state; changing the dynamics of our family.Brian was also able to help my husband and me with our back pain and my headaches and digestive issues.  The thing I liked about him most was his matter-of-fact personality.   He didn’t come across with any of the New Age “hoopla” that is out there.

— S.G., Milwaukee, WI



* I am a 37 year old Registered Nurse from Reno, Nevada.  About a year ago I started suffering from bladder problems, this problem became progressively worse and worse to the point that I had to always wear some sort of protective undergarment to keep from

wetting myself.   I can not begin to tell you that as a nurse, I understood the potential physical problems I was encountering, but as a woman I was completely depressed with this condition.  I had scheduled doctors appointments and was scheduled for bladder reconstruction surgery in the near future until things got much, much worse.I am very health conscious, as a nurse working within my community I know the importance of keeping weight, and general well being a top priority.

I have been highly educated with medication management for the whole intent and purpose of keeping people healthy.  But, in my depression I had put on a lot of weight, I stopped going out with friends, I was always looking for a bathroom, I am one who is so sensitive to medication that treating this condition with a pill was not an option because of all the dizzy, nauseating side effects I had to endure.  I often wondered weather this life was worth living for and often wished for my life to be over.One night I was awakened to find my heart beating so hard and rapidly out of my chest that I became quite frightened.  I checked my blood pressure and it was so high that I knew if I didn’t seek medical attention I could easily end up with a stroke.  I went to my local Emergency Room and it was there that the doctors discovered I was in acute kidney failure and severe arrhythmia (abnormally beating heart).

As a nurse I knew what this meant, lots of medication, dialysis, I would have to probably quit the job that I loved to have dialysis three days a week.  Specialist after specialist filled the room, most of these doctors I’ve worked with personally and now they were looking at me with pity.  I knew that in this condition I probably had 5 to 10 years of quality life left in me, I started thinking about donor matches and transplant lists.  I was horrified.

Ten years ago I was involved with a yoga group and met a very interesting woman, she talked of a Medical Healer she had met in her travels, her story had sounded very believable and I had always tucked it in the back of my head.  I’m so glad I did.  As I was being pumped full of medications and chemicals I googled “Medical Healer”, and Brian’s website was the first on the list.  I read it  very carefully, then I contacted him.I did not  state my medical conditions, and he called me the very next morning with some interesting news.  He told me my kidneys were having problems, as well as my adrenal glands (which sit on top of the kidneys), my ureters (the tubes that connect the kidneys to the bladder) and my bladder were affected.  We scheduled a session together for later that day remotely as he is located in Southern California, and I in Northern Nevada.  He had me relax and concentrate on my breathing and in moments my back stopped hurting, my heart stopped pounding, my bladder stopped burning, I felt calm, relaxed.Since then I have been fully recovered from kidney failure and arrhythmia.   In fact, there is no sign in my body that there ever was even a problem.  Best of all, my bladder stopped leaking.

As a medical professional I have no explanation for what happened, in fact a complete healing is something that medical people just don’t believe in.  Since we have worked together, my life has changed drastically for the better, I’m losing weight, I’m exercising, I’m still eating right and every 2 weeks I have more testing done just to be told that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with me.I can not thank him enough for the beautiful gift he has.  He has helped me to live again.  I always recommend Medical Intuitive consultation as part of my plan of care now.

— Lisa (Reno, Nevada)



* Brian,I want to reiterate thanks for your help when Reta (my wife) started in the emergency ward and ended up in the contagious ward of the Salem hospital.  Next, I want to thank you for helping me restart and reenergize my body and mind to want to live and to be proud of the nearly 80 years of age and to look for many more.In regard to Reta’s help from you – you did indeed save her from a heart operation and prevented severe heart failure.   I had taken Reta to the Salem Emergency ward at about 11 PM and she was discharged about 3 AM in the morning.  Then Thursday evening  Reta looked very gray and bleak and was not breathing well.  When I realized that, I put her in the car and drove the 18 miles to the same emergency ward – now they treated her as a heart failure patient – very differently than Wed night.I had called you and told you about this, and we communicated a couple of times and I was very worried as I thought that Reta was in very serious condition.

I remember talking to you about how serious it was as her blood pressure was extremely high like 190 – 195 as well as her heart rate.  They were talking to me about serious heart failure.   A second heart specialist was called in to confirm everything Friday afternoon  – he talked to me Friday night and said that it was very serious and she was slated for a heart operation after they could stabilize her.  I remember that I communicated to you, and then and you went to work with your remote treatment from 900 miles

I went home to sleep a couple of hours and came back to the hospital – I remember going into Reta’s room early Saturday morning and the nurse said that Reta was doing remarkable well and her heart  was doing very well.  The second heart specialist was called in again and then left without saying a word to me, walking right by me.  Then I knew that you had performed a miracle.  Thanks to you she is alive and well.Also I would like to say some things about what you did for me last Thursday.  My lower back pain has now gone away and I stand tall and straight.  I do this with a different mental attitude that you instilled in me.I had slipped badly from my usual confident attitude that I control my health and body as well as my thoughts.  You inspired me to find something to do that will be meaningful to my life purpose in this universe of seeming reality.

Thank you so much for that as you gave me the lift that I needed.

— Norm, OR



* As this year comes to a close I reflect on the improved health I have enjoyed, and wish to thank you for your part in it!Although through my life I have turned to nutrition to create health, there are some things that even nutrition cannot address! There were three symptoms you helped me with this year, which I haven’t been able to solve previously through any other means.The first was extreme seasonal allergies, the second was scar tissue in a sensitive area, and the third was correcting a rotated pelvic bone. These symptoms I had had for years, and you were able to heal these in me in just a two visits!I was introduced to you through my parents, whose studies of energy healing led them to you.I was not aware of how this kind of healing happens, but nevertheless from the first time you assessed me (re-motley from California) and started my energy flowing, my seasonal allergies immediately ceased! I was having one of the worst days of the spring season – itching eyes, runny nose, and crawling skin (allergy tests showed I was highly allergic to grass & tree pollination) – you were able to shift my energy that afternoon, and by the next morning I woke up with minimal symptoms. Within two weeks I had no allergy symptoms at all!No other treatments I have ever tried in about 30 years of allergy suffering, have ever cured it like your healing hands, and done at a distance from you!The second appointment I had with you was in person, and so appreciated your warm and personal interest in me and my well-being! When we reviewed what other health issues I had you were able to address some stiff scar tissue in my breast area, as a result of having several breast surgeries. The morning after our appointment, the breast with the scar tissue was now as supple as the other breast with no scarring! Unbelievable!The other issue we addressed was a chronic rotated pelvic bone which no amount of chiropractic, yoga classes, or stretching exercises ever relieved. But you were able to put the pelvic bone back in alignment, and again when I woke the next morning there was a noticeable balance to my hips that relieved the chronic dull pain I had been experiencing.None of these symptoms have returned and I am so grateful for your gift and healing intentions. Thank you for the sacrifice you make personally to magnify your gift and I hope you can benefit many more who suffer.

Sincerely, Susan 



* Brian came into my place of business as a patron, and left a friend.  I could tell he was a compassionate and spiritual person, but the intuitive power to heal is amazing.I was a collegiate athlete and at 26 had already had two back surgeries.  I was in a lot of pain, on 8-12 pain pills a day, and my life felt numb.I went to see Brian at his house, and the next day, I only had to take 3 pain pills.  A week later- none.  No pain pills???  That was outside my understanding of my back pain.  And, no pain pills since- it’s been six months.Brian explained that some of it is letting go, and some of it is me, and some of it is him.  Let me tell you- life is good.

— Sarah, Lawndale, CA    



* I came to Brian desperate for help with my anxiety and panic attacks. I was feeling paralyzed everyday and even Xanax wasn’t helping. Before my Doctor put me on other medication I came to see Brian and after the first 2 hour session the attacks were 100% gone. I saw him one more time and they have never returned. Not only was the anxiety gone, my fear of driving disappeared also. I didn’t expect anything and was amazed at the results. I feel free now. Thank you Brian for your help.

— Sylvia, CA


I will always be so very grateful to Brian for his gifts of healing, compassion and never-ending support for my brother, Fred.  When I contacted Brian my brother was diagnosed with stage-4 Lung Cancer.  Brian worked on my brother remotely many times, balancing and shifting his energies.  My brother never suffered any pain or discomfort in the least until the very day he made his peaceful transition almost a year later.  I know in my heart that Brians gift helped tremendously to keep him pain free and suspend his life longer than the prognosis.  My deepest thanks always, dear friend, for all that you do.Blessings and love,

— Joy, CA



* Brian is the consummate healer and the BEST!! I’ve seen plenty of healers in my day, but none so powerful. I feel energy and so I am able to gage who has how much, and Brian was so powerful that one night after a treatment over the phone I could hardly make it to my bed!Brian helped my husband and I during a time my husband was passing from this world, and Brian helped me through it and the grieving resolution. He even brought through a message from Ralph after his passing that was very specific and right on.Brian also helped me by taking the pain right out of a tooth, and it stayed gone until I went for the needed root canal. During the root canal which was 2 hours and 45 minutes with my mouth open and a rubber dam, the dentist said he never saw anyone so relaxed in his life and so I was. I knew Brian was working his magic! The reason I know, is when I went back to my regular dentist for the final work, I did not tell or ask Brian’s help but wished I would have because even when I expected a good relaxed time, I did not have it. So, I wished I had asked Brian’s help that day.Brian is a healer who really cares about you and your life and checks back with you way after to see how you are doing. A very loving and compassionate spirit.Thank you Brian and God Bless you,— Janie Martin, C.Ht., Monmouth, Oregon