Helping You Heal Naturally

Two months ago, I really needed help.  I had just scheduled surgery to have my uterus removed, but something did not feel right.  Over the previous 4 months, I had been under medical management for advanced fibroid growth with severe symptoms.  The size of my uterus had enlarged to the point where it was putting pressure on my abdominal veins and causing me to swell up from the waist down.  I was also experiencing shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, severe constipation, abdominal bloating, and increased abdominal girth with the appearance of a 5-6 month pregnant woman.  I was placed on injectable medication for fibroid treatment, and had been experiencing the side effects of nausea, acne, weight gain, severe hot flashes/night sweats, and mood swings as well.  In all, I felt and looked like a complete mess.  I was desperate to get better, so I made the decision to stop the injections, and have my uterus completely removed.

In the meantime, I was still missing work, and spending every weekend in bed recovering from the previous week.  My family was supportive, but I had to personally decide what type of life I wanted for myself. I ultimately decided that I wanted to have children, and that it was best for me to find a treatment that left my uterus in place.  I had no idea what this treatment would be, but I was also open to treatments and therapies beyond traditional medicine.

I came across Brian’s website after searching online for intuitive healers.  There was a cable program that showcased intuitive healers, and I got the idea to search for local intuitive healers.  I then expanded my search and found Brian, and after my initial consultation I never looked back.

Brian identified 17 organs/systems of my body that were out of balance, including my uterus.  He was very generous with his time, and even performed a treatment on my stomach during the (free) consultation.  I chose Brian because I had immediate results (reduced abdominal bloat/pressure/discomfort). By the end of our second session, my stomach size/girth was reduced by 50%, and as of today my uterus is no longer extended up into my abdomen:  an MRI scan today has confirmed that my problematic fibroid/uterus is now contained within my pelvis (instead of rising above my belly button and into my rib cage areas), and this is without prescription medication (for over 2 months)!

Today, my life is different.  I am hopeful that I will be able to keep my uterus, and bear children one day.  I am also grateful that Brian addressed other systems and organs that were out of balance in my body (as part of his treatment plan), especially those that I had become accustomed to living with (like waking up 3-5 times every night to go to the bathroom, or having to work out 5-6 hours per week in order to burn one pound per month- with a normal physical and labs).

The gift that Brian has, and the work that he does is irreplaceable.  Between injections, pills, herbal supplements, “live”/raw food diet, prayers, fasting/spiritual cleansings, faith, and other healers, only my work with Brian produced visible, lasting (and life-changing) results.

Brian, I am truly grateful for the opportunity to experience health without pills, shots, and the loss of my uterus.  The total system balancing and alignment that you do is not possible with traditional medicine, and there is no comparison between the two.  Although it is hard for many to believe and accept the existence of an effective treatment modality that cannot be taught in medical school or sold by pharmaceutical companies, you may be the answer for those who really need to and want to “be healed.”

Grateful in Illinois,

Cia K., M.D.