Helping You Heal Naturally

Do you work with any illness/disease?

I do not work with a ‘disease’. I work with your whole being, including the energy patterns of your lifetime, environment and relationships. “Disease’ is mental construct, designed and created by so-called ‘health care’ (disease care?) system that doesn’t recognize energetic complexity of a human being. In fact, it focuses entirely on masking the symptoms with only one single purpose – the profit.

Often, some people identify with one particular disease or acute symptoms that impede their day-to-day activities so much that they ignore less tangible, but critical issues. I see it on an everyday basis, when people looking to ‘heal’ a bad knee, for instance, but their digestive system on a verge of shutting down, or they have multiple ‘negative’ entities attached to their energy field sucking the life force and influencing their behavior.

Do you work with everyone?

I work with those who are absolutely determined to get healthy again and willing to take full personal responsibility for their own life and health. If you have ‘hard to die’ beliefs that under close evaluation appear to jeopardize your wellbeing and health, but you are still dearly holding on to them out of fear, it’s better if you find someone else who will apply a ‘feel good’ band-aid on your symptoms.

Cutting the old, suppressed or ignored energetic ‘boils’ (emotional traumas, debilitating believes and convictions, grudges, resentments, etc.), opening and clearing them is the essential step of healing process. Willingness to take an honest look at yourself and the choices you’ve made that led you to your current health state, and readiness to start a complete reconstructive process that will affect every part of your life is the first requirement for successful healing.

Do you guarantee the results?

I guarantee that your body energy system will be in balance and free from foreign energetic interferences, which is the optimum state for body’s inbuilt self-healing mechanism to start functioning again. How long it stays that way is entirely up to you.

Any ‘healer’ who guarantees to ‘cure’ your affliction and ‘heal’ you are either ignorant or incompetent. I’ve seen people who have spent enormous amounts of money and energy on such ‘healers’ like John of god, reiki, reconnection, theta, etc. with no improvements in their health, but with completely depleted energy fields (and wallets) and multiple entities attached to their energy field.

The role of a genuine, authentic healer is to invoke your body’s natural healing abilities, expand your consciousness and assist you on your healing journey. Only you can heal yourself.

Do you have any training and certificates?

I’ve seen a countless number of ‘trained healers’ as clients, with countless health and personal problems. I am yet to see the one who would be doing ‘healing’ full-time with tangible results from the clients.

‘Spiritual marketplace’ is saturated with ‘healers-wanna-be’ and those who eagerly provide ‘training’ (a lucrative business). Usual sales pitch is “Do you want to work from home and help others? Come to our weekend seminar and we will INITIATE (??) you!” Sounds good? Is that all it takes? Does it mean that if I want to sound like Placido Domingo, all I have to do is to take opera singing lessons and get ‘initiated’?? You get the point…

Any structured, organized, leveled training has NOTHING to do with authenticity and natural talent, but a lot with mind programming, herd mentality and plain ‘spiritual’ control. Do your research and use your discernment and common sense while looking for a healer.

The answer is NO. I don’t have any ‘training’ or ‘certificates’. Read my personal story.

Does everyone you work with get healed?

Everyone I work with gets the best opportunity to get well again. Yes, most of my clients get an instant relief of acute symptoms that spares them an opportunity to start making better (healthier) choices. Again, once so-called ‘negative entities’ are removed from the energy field, a person gains a full control of one’s own being, capable to think and comprehend clearer and make aware decisions.

Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to use this opportunity to apply continuing effort to be healthy, meaning taking full responsibility for one’s health and life, and continue to rely on quick fixes from the outside sources.

What are those “negative entities’ you keep talking about?

‘Negative entity’ is a non-physical energy form with a limited consciousness (usually, of a very low vibration) that attaches to a person’s energy field in order to ‘survive’. There are several types of ‘parasites’ that prey on humans with a similar vibration.

The actual attachment happens when a person’s energy field becomes weakened (lowered in vibration) due to various reasons and becomes a ‘good match’ to invisible predators. Unless they recognized and banished promptly, they cause deterioration of physical and mental health, change of personality, so-called ‘bad luck’, dysfunctional relationships etc..

Where does your healing ability come from?

I don’t question it… anymore. Everyone has certain, unique abilities: be it singing, painting, cooking, mathematical skills, etc. Outward manifestations of these skills speak for themselves. Being intuitive (seeing beyond the physical matter) is not more ‘godly” or ‘special’ than any other talent. Natural ability manifests itself without our intent, be it at early age or later in life, when we are ready in a sense. However, it should be nurtured and developed. My unique ‘specialty’ is ‘seeing’ human energy beyond the physical body, and being able to restore to its natural balance. My only intent is to help everyone in need utilizing these natural abilities.

I don’t predict the future; I do not ‘channel’;’, I don’t have personal relationship with ‘ascended masters’, ‘angels’ and alike and seriously question the origins of that ‘new age’, ‘lightworkers’ religion that, in my opinion, designed to boost people’s egos, keep them in a herd within ‘love, peace and prosperity’ boundaries for easier control.

We must face and confront the ‘dark’, first of all within ourselves, in order to progress to the ‘light’.