Helping You Heal Naturally

Becoming a ‘healer’…

It all started with a canary.

For 50 years, until Harley got sick, I lived a completely ‘normal’ life. I’d never asked myself questions like, ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is life about?’ or ‘Why am I here?’. I knew who I was—a husband, a father, a grandfather and an employee who was supposed to provide for the family.

My ‘comfortable’ life was free from meditation, messages from angels and near-death experiences. Sure, I’d heard God was out there somewhere—that was fine with me, as long as he didn’t interfere with my plans.I was busy… busy working, busy worrying about the future, busy trying to make my survival more enjoyable with toys and entertainment. For me, as for so many others, that’s what life was all about.

Health issues were just a natural, if unpleasant sign of growing older. Doesn’t that happen to everyone?

Then, in 2006 the ‘gift of healing’ revealed itself in a strange and unsettling way with no intention or expectation on my part.

When Harley, my beloved canary, came down with a common yet fatal liver infection, I was devastated. A few months earlier, my other bird had died from exactly the same condition; his liver became swollen, causing toxic shock and an abnormal increase in overall size before he died. I couldn’t bear the thought of losing Harley too.

My next action was completely out of character for me! I held that tiny bird in my cupped hands… and prayed. It seemed like the whole world stopped—nothing else existed except that precious life in my hands and the incredible love I felt for Harley. Perhaps for the first time in my life I asked … whoever is out there in charge… to intervene because that little canary was so important to me. After a few minutes I put him back in the cage and left. When I got back a few hours later, I found him perched and SINGING like nothing had happened…and he was back to his normal size!

This event didn’t faze me much, and I continued my ‘normal’ existence. Until a several months later, when my English Springer Spaniel Simon began licking his right paw excessively. Finding a large tumor-like node, I took him to the vet the same day, who confirmed that it was a malignant growth. The doctor wanted to schedule tests and surgery, but I asked for a few days  delay, since I had nothing to lose by attempting my “treatment” again. Miraculously, within days, Simon’s paw was completely clear.

That’s when my world was shaken. What had happened with my pets? How did it happen? Was this what people call a miracle or was it just a coincidence? Did I heal Harley and Simon? If not me, then who? All I knew was that I was part of it. Up until then, the word ‘healer’ meant nothing to me. In the REAL world where I lived, all that spiritual New Age mumbo-jumbo was too intangible for my logical mind. But now the gates to completely new experiences had opened up, seemingly out of my control. And then the next thing I wanted to do was test it on people.

In my enthusiasm, I shared what had happened with anyone who would listen and offered healing to everyone whom I felt might need it. To my amazement, IT WORKED!

Soon people were calling me from out of nowhere to book healing sessions, which I had nearly every night after a full workday. With so many open-minded, trusting people to practice my newly found ‘skill’, I gained much confidence and learned a lot in a short period of time. Although at times I questioned my sanity, I knew that most people were leaving my healing room without pain or completely relieved of their symptoms.

There have been those who challenged me by asking what modalities I practice, which church I attend, if I believe in Christ, and do my abilities come from god… or satan. Truly, I felt intimidated and unsure of myself.  At one point, I took a class for a known ‘healing modality’, thinking that the certificate would give me more credibility, acceptance and the answers everyone seemed to want. Instead, I undermined my own healing abilities by trying to fit them into a formula.

Healing is NOT a logical process or a step-by-step technique. You can’t just ;place your hands here for a count of 5 and move them there for a count of 10 and check back with your reference book if you forget. And there is no ‘energy’ that needs to be activated in your hands by a guru in a two-day workshop.

As I recovered from that damaging class, it occurred to me that I’d never studied healing before this ability made itself known with my beloved pets and those early ‘experiments’ with people. Most importantly, I realized that it was unrealistic and unnecessary to please everyone. But once again relying on my inner sensations and intuition, I set myself free from books, procedures and teachings, using only the original source for guidance.

That guidance has taken me on a completely different path. The life I knew before dissolved in a matter of months without much effort on my part, leading me to new surroundings and people who supported my new direction… and also challenged it.

I still don’t have all the answers. I continue to learn every day from each of you. You help me with my personal healing as much as I help you with yours. I am learning to live in acceptance of what IS and to cooperate without resistance. Finally, I am discovering who I truly am and it’s far beyond any roles we  play on this earth.

I am honored that you allow me to be a part of your healing journey.